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Server Care

Utilizing Network ICT's Server Care to Increase Server Performance and Reliability

Servers are essential in today’s business world because they allow for smooth operations, collaborative work environments, and the protection of vital data. Understanding the value of a strong server infrastructure, Network ICT provides a comprehensive solution called Server Care.

Why Spend Money on Server?

Any firm that employs multiple individuals and systems needs a server to function properly. It offers efficient file storage, network access, and safeguards against potential data loss. However, running servers can become more difficult and problematic as your company expands. We at Network ICT ease your concerns by providing full server support while keeping an eye on ongoing upkeep and preventive maintenance.

Unmatched Assistance and Supervision

Our Server Care program goes above and beyond standard assistance. We provide 24/7 on-site and remote monitoring to make sure your servers are always being watched over. Our local IT support staff is on guard around-the-clock and prepared to handle any problems that may come up. Our top priority is taking proactive measures to reduce downtime and its negative effects on the productivity of your company.

 Safeguarding the Core of Your IT System

Your IT infrastructure revolves around your servers, and any outage can result in a large loss of productivity. With proactive maintenance combined with round-the-clock local server monitoring, Network ICT’s Managed Server Care goes above and beyond traditional monitoring. We respond quickly, frequently fixing problems before our clients even know they exist, because we place the highest importance on maintaining the uptime of your server. Put your faith in our committed IT support staff to maintain the efficiency of your servers and avoid any downtime that can affect your profitability.

 Customized Approaches for Your Expanding Enterprise

Making sure your network meets your expanding needs as your firm grows becomes critical. Network ICT assesses your current configuration and offers solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your company. By utilizing our alliances with top software and hardware providers, we provide the best solutions at costs that are affordable for small enterprises. Whether it’s improving user experience or growing your infrastructure, our knowledgeable staff makes sure your network grows with your company.


  • What Is Covered by Server Care?
  • Agent-based 24/7 Server Monitoring: Constant observation to identify and resolve problems as soon as they arise.
  • Promised Reaction Times: Quick fixes for operating system and application problems.
  • Architecture and Design Consultations: Personalized guidance for maximizing server configuration.
  • Platform Health Checks: Frequent evaluations to keep servers stable and available.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: To avoid vulnerabilities, updates and patches are applied every month.
  • Alteryx and Tableau Server Patches: Evaluations and updates every quarter.
  • Evaluations and Suggestions for Servers: Biannual evaluations for ongoing enhancement.
  • Plan and carry out large-scale Tableau Server version upgrades to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Monitoring of Use, Adoption, and Governance: Consistent examinations to guarantee peak server performance.
  •  Adaptable Hosting Choices: On-site hosting, public cloud, or private cloud.
  • Support for Multiple Platforms: Tableau, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and more.
Professional Technical Assistance for Your Servers

At Network ICT, we provide Linux, Windows, and cloud server technical support around-the-clock, with specialized plans to meet your unique needs. We specialize in server security, backup configuration, migrations, server management, and technical support for web hosting. Our objective is to deliver prompt solutions so that your clients may concentrate on expanding their businesses, and we’ll take care of making sure their vital IT infrastructure runs smoothly.

Are You Prepared to Improve Server Management?

Come on, let’s discuss! Our team of server specialists is prepared to talk about tailored solutions that support your company’s objectives. For dependable, effective, and proactive server care that guarantees your company runs to its maximum capacity, Network ICT is your go-to partner.

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